Dynaudio Anniversary 25

Has anyone seen or heard this new limited edition speaker from Dynaudio
I haven't heard it, but I know someone who owns them and absolutelty loves them. Send me a quick email and I can fill you in.
I just heard the speaker's the other day.
I was looking for an upgrade in the dynaudio line.
I auditioned the dyn 25 for about 1 hour and really enjoyed
them.Then i made the mistake of listening to the C-2, need i say more!
The C-2 sounds good until I heard the Evidence ”Master”, need I say more. Well, I did not say much about the 25, sorry. :)
Thank to all for your quick responses. I am new to this terrific site and forum, and am an admitted novice at high end stereo. My problem is I am being "romanced" by home theatre/AV installers for a new multi-room integrated AV/home theatre project I want to do at a home I am now building in Los Angeles. Each one of these guys reps their own lines, and are thus incentivized to sell that gear. Without feedback like this, I have no way of knowing whether Dynaudio is comparable to JBL Synthesis, Tannoy or other stuff they promote. As a non-audiophile, who does want good quality stuff, this is a bit mind-boggling. Thanks again.
If you're willing to pay good money for top flight sound and system design, I would strongly suggest working with someone who'll GARANTEE that you'll be 100% satisified with the sound, or they'll switch things out to make it right!!!
You're right, there's too much incentive for most installers to use "their brands", and tout them as "the best". I personally like to use "what's going to work best" within any given budget myself. As results are the most important.
I would also submit to you that the vast majority of installations are tainted in performance potential, simply because of "monetary incentives" and "agendas" that are involved. If you can find someone who's willing to go the extra mile to GARANTEE only the best possible performance at any given price point, I'd go with that one in a heart beat! Mediocrity is all too easy to come by, and is the norm sad to say. Mostly those guy's know about as much about getting world class sound as your average audio enthusiest sad to say. Good luck
Jake, it can be difficult to make the right choice when the salesman is biased. As you said, they will be loyal to their own brands. My advice would be to listen to a number of speakers on your own, and purchase from a hi end store. They will usually offer home installation, which would be particularly easy since your home is still being built. Otherwise have the contractor set up the wiring for you, once that's in place, it's a snap. just get a setup disc and a spl meter from radio shack and you will save a bundle, and get exactly what you want in the process. Dynaudio is a great start, a true hi end name, my personal favorite. check their websight for the nearest retailer (www.dynaudiousa.com). The 25 is probably not the best choice for AV gear since there is no corresponding center channel, you might want to consider the contour or confidence range. let your ears be the judge, and let us know what you end up with!