Dynaudio and Nikko, a good match?

Hi everyone, I never audition Dynaudio because I can't find any dealer within my area but from the reviews, I found out that there one of best sounding bookshelf speakers. Right now I have the Paradigm Titans v.3 with are exceptionally good sounding speakers but I'm looking for alittle more midbass sound(around 250 to 500), and better soundstage. The type of music I listen to is mostly rock and country. Any suggestion and comments are welcome. Happy listening :)
Don't know if i can really answer your question, but FWIW the Dynaudio speakers are very unforgiving of the electronics involved. I feel that Dyna's are amoung the best speakers available but must be driven by high quality electronics to sound good - they will not sound good at all with inappropriate or poor equipment. I don't think they will produce an enhanced response in the 250 to 500 hz area, if fact no speaker should. To get this you might play with adjusting the heighth of your speakers - you may have a suckout in this area if they are too high.
Agree with Newbee...the Danes are great speakers at their price points...especially the AUdience 42/52...however they are very demanding on power(4 ohms),and very revealing of source material(poor recordings)...I believe Nikko is no longer made...but for around $300 used...a NAD c350 intergrated and Danes sounds suprisingly musical...

Thanks for the responses. I have a Nikko NA-690 Intergrated Amplifier powering the Titans.
ALso..listenup.com is the only internet dealer in regards to Dynaudio I can think of...if you dont have a local one...worth a shot...as always...ask for b-stocks/demos...
I've got the dynaudio 42's mated to the NAD 340 and it's a very punchy combo indeed, and might be just the sound you are looking for. The 52's might even be better since it uses a larger woofer and cabinet. I don't know much about the Nikko amp but I picked up my 340 used for 200 bucks so it won't exactly break the bank.
Thanks for the replys. I was looking into either the 42 or 52. You mention that they take power to make them sing. My Titans get loud with the volume dial at 10:00 powered by a Nikko NA-690 Intergrated Amplifier. I measure the SPL at around 100 db.
100db out of bookshelf speakers is pretty loud, you should be fine on power.

That was off a 8 ohm load. The Nikko does go down to 4 ohms.