Dynaudio alternates for near back wall

I have Dynaudio Focus 140's and am happy with them except I can't put them more than about 1 foot from the wall. With the plugs out there's too much bass. If I put in the plugs there's substantially less bass.

If I want my speakers 8-12" from the wall should I be looking at a different speaker? What would be most like a dynaudio, but better near a wall? I need another set for a second home and I was thinking of Focus 110's but I'm not sure whether to go dynaudio again because I'll have the same issue.

Before this is had Paradigm studio 60 V2's, and Totem Rainmaker's. I liked the Dynaudio significantly more, despite this issue. I just use the port plugs.
I don't know your budget, but Wilson Audio Duettes are designed for that application.