Dynaudio 52SEs & Whacky Amp Upgrade Dilemma

I've been driving my Dynaudio 52SEs for the past 3 years with a Rotel RA2 (40Watts/channel) and have been very happy with the results, even though I compromised on the amp to pay for the speakers, which still blow me away.

I'm finally ready to upgrade the amp and am looking at 2 completely separate directions: CI Audio D-100 monoblocks (with my rotel as pre-amp) or a Primaluna Dialogue 2.

Crazy... I know.

I've auditioned the Prima with Dyna Focus 140s, which have similar characteristics to the 52SEs and was really moved by the sound, the detail and air, the realistic decay on solo instruments... a very emotional response. The Dynas are supposed to be difficult to drive, but I couldn't pick up on any deficiencies with the 38W prima (or am not experienced enough to know what to look for).

Now.... I also have a DAC by CI Audio hooked up to a cheap CD transport and let me tell you: that little sucker brings everything digital to crisp, articulate, full-rounded life... I'm sufficiently impressed by the sound & value to consider the (very well reviewed) D-100s.

So here's the question: I'm wondering whether I should fork out the money (less than $200) to audition the Solid State mono's, just to make sure I'm not missing some life in these speakers that -- from what I've read -- apparently seems to magically appear with higher power amps... or go with my (admittedly novice) gut and snap up the prima???

Thanks in advance for any guidance... technical, empirical, psychological, or otherwise.