Dynaudio 52se or Focus 110 ?

I have a Naim Nait 3 integrated and Naim CD3.5 cd player. Which speaker would sound better in my system or any system?
I have heard 72s and 82s and the Focus 110s and I own the 220s. Personally I think the Focus series blows away the 2s I have heard. If you buy the Focus 110s new be advised they take a while to break in. Although they are fairly new you don't see many Focus series coming up for sale used. I would take that as a sign the buyers are pretty satified:)
Smitty, the 52se has an advantage over the 110 in the bass department with the larger driver and cabinet. The highs will be identical in both. In the looks department the Focus 110 kicks the Audience series to the ground. If it were me, I would probably go with the 110 over the 52 and add a small musical sub. Providing that you could even hook it up through your integrated?
Smitty, it would depends on your music preference. The Focus 110 will preform better in the mids. The Audience 52se will preform better overall, especially in the highs. The Focus tweeter have one extra coating to smooth out the highs and you really can hear it in the female voice, it's lacking the upper range compare to the Audience 52se, which share the same tweeter as the Contour S series.

I have the Audience 82 and love it. I tried the Focus 220 and returned after a week because the tweeter sounds truncated in the highs and the soundstage is small.

The Focus 140 is the best in the Focus line IMO, it's day and night better than the 110 and much more balance than the Focus 220 with its heavy bass and rolled off highs, which sounds unnatural with Celine Dion.

Good luck.

IF you didn't have 300 to 400 hours on the 220s you havn't heard them at their best. Out of the box I prefered them to the 82s. After breakin they opened up even more. Imaging range and depth all better than the 82s, simply more dynamic. The 82s sound wild wooly and untamed in comparison IMHO. Don't get me wrong, I liked the 82s, I just like the 220s better. I had a pair of 82s borrowed from a friend who also has 80s, 1.4s and 5.4s for an extended period(he did not miss the 82s while I had them). The 220s are excellent in the mids and clean in the highs. They may roll off a bit early in the highs but not terribly. Bass is clearly superior, tight and controlled, not the least murkey with my setup. Diana Krall or Patricia Barber sound scary "natural" through the 220s. I chose not to leave my venerable Sound Dynamics 300ti pair for the 82s but did for the 220s. To each his own.

I have listened to all the Focus models over a very long period of time on and off at the dealer for about 4 months now. Actually thinking of getting the 140s as rears.

You are right. Never heard Diana Krall sound better than with the Focus 220s or 140s. I happen to like Sting, Eagles and Celine Dion, and the Focus series just leaves a little something missing with them. Focus is by far the superior mids. Highs, I have to give it to the Audience and Contour line.

Dynaudio was very smart when they name the new line "Focus," because it definitely more focus compare to Audience or Contour lines, but very sweet when you are in the listening zone. Imaging, that depends on the music. Dynamic is better only in the mids region, but overall range, I have to say no. Boils down to music preferences.

If I had the 5.4s or even the 3.4s, I wouldn't miss either the 82s or 220s. :)
I found that the 52SE sounded bigger than the 110, larger deeper soundstage, much better bass. I really like the 52SE speaker, I even think it looks good in rosewood. The 140 does everything as well as the 52SE though. I would go with the 52SE over the 110, consider the 140 if going to the focus line.
I found Focus 110 and 140 better, sweeter and more fluid sounding than 52SE.
In medium size rooms Focus 110 performed the best, with perfect balance to the sound. 140 have a big bass, 52se was league under.
If You listen rock music or heavy, go with 52 SE. It's a fantastic allrounder.

Focus 110 is maybe a little more refined but don't have this bass slam of 52 SE.
And now if the OP would just check back on his 5 year old post, he can enjoy the debate. : )