Has anyone heard the new dynaudio confidence 20 bookshelf speakers? 

Not much information on these.

How do they sound?

What are the alternatives? 
I have heard them at a dealer. I thought they were excellent.
There are number of reviews readily accessible on line. Here are a couple:


Facepalm, OP is talking about the new Confidence, not Contour. Confidence is not out yet, they’ve been delayed. No one has heard them at a dealer.
But I've seen the 20's being sold online on a couple of European sites so I am not certain about that.
The new Confidence (20, 30, 50, 60) aren’t yet in production and a single pair of pre-production prototypes for each model are making rounds to shows and special events. I was lucky enough to hear the 60s at my dealer late last year, and they look and sound fantastic, but they will be $40K+.

No doubt the Confidence 20 will be better than the current C1s but they will be more expensive too (~$12K with stands). I believe the new Confidence are due at dealers 2nd quarter of this year.

Just had Dynaudio in my home to set up the new Confidence 20 -see my virtual system.

Sounds fantastic and is a clear forward move in comparison to the C1 Platinum they are replacing.