Dynaudio 1.8 MKII

Anybody heard these? I am getting ready to purchase a pair and have read gread reviews on audioreview.com, but wondered if anyone had any complaints?
A friend has a pair of these driven by Arcam electronics, and they sound superb. I have the 3.0's, they also sound superb. Not a complaint, just an observation - you need some hefty amplification to get them to sound their best. You absolutely won't be disappointed.
kthomas, I have heard it said that Dynaudios don't show their stuff at low listening levels, that you need to play them at a good volume before they will shine. Do you agree? -Dan
I have the 1.8 mkII's and I do not think that they need a lot of volume to shine. I get very smooth midrange (the reason I bought them - female vocals) at low levels. They tend to be somewhat bass shy until you put the juice to them. However, the more power you put to them the better. I am using a 100w Adcom power amp and will soon be upgrading. By the by, I think to Contour center (not the new 2.5 center model) is the most natural speaker I have heard for what a center channel is supposed to do, reproduce people speaking.

At the dealer, I thought that the 1.3's needed more volume to shine, that was why I went with the 1.8's( I wanted the 3.3's but my wife balked)