Dynaudio 1.3SE vs. JM Reynaud Trente

I currently own a pair of Dynaudio 1.3SE's and really like them. Due to room constrictions, I can place them only 16" away from the rear wall but they still sound really good except with bass heavy music when the bass will be too strong. Would the Trente's work better with placement close to the rear wall? I have heard the Reynaud Twin and thought it sounded very good so I like attributes of both speakers. How do the Trente's stack up to the Dynaudio's? My room is roughly 12x15.
Do not play bass heavy music! Seriously, it would be better if you can use a SUBwoofer and the subwoofers x-over to relieve Dynaudio from reproducing Bass altogether. I really doubt that ANY speaker wouldn't sound bass-heavy in situation described. Invest in good subwoofer and you will eliminate most of the bass problems and will increase the performance of your current speakers by gratifiying notch.
The reason I was thinking about the Trente is because I believe they are front ported. Shouldn't a front ported speaker help out with this problem?
I used to have both speakers. The Trente might be better with placement but the Dynaudio 1.3SE is a much better sounding speaker. Just use the supplied plugs if the bass is too much or use some kind of room treatment.
Disclaimer: I am a JMR dealer.

The Trente is easy to place near a rear wall because of the front port. If you are 16" away you should be fine. They do have quite a bit of bass but are a good match for your rooms size. I have not heard them back to back, but to my memory your Dynaudio's will have faster, more taut bass while the Trente's are fuller with more of a sense of weight. See www.positive-feedback.com for some reviews.

As for comparisons to the Twin, the Trente is very similar in sound but more transparent with deeper and fuller sounding bass.
Dynaudio does many other things better than JMR's besides bass quality. I will agree with ROYY and keep your Dyna's. Good Luck!
Thanks for the responses. I'm going to keep the Dynaudios for now and try and work with room treatments. I really don't like using the foam plugs for the ports. Does anyone have any suggestions on some affordable room treatments(bass traps,etc)?