Dynaudio 1.3SE and Proac 1SC

Has anyone had the chance to compare these two speakers. Are they easy to drive. I am comparing them to the Aerial 5.
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Tough CHoice! If really depends what is your amp ? from there, I could more or less advise as to which would be more compatible. In general, the 1SC needs a tube amp while the 1.3 SE needs a good amp with power! THey are quite power hungry. FOr accuracy and neutrality, the 1.3 SE, for musicality, the 1sc would be the way to go. Personally, I'd still go for the VIenna Haydns if to choose between the two you mentioned above and it cost a lot lot less!
I have the Jeff Rowland Model 2. Therefore, I am looking for an efficient speaker. I currently have the Aerial 5, which is not particularly efficient (at 85db). Thanks.
The Dynaudio will definitely want a fair amount of power behind it to sound it's best. I have no experience with the 1SC.
I owned the 1SCs for about 18 months. I was driving these with the Densen Beat 100 integrated, 60wpc. I auditioned both of these A/B at the dealer. The Dynaudio are a bit more analytical and more bass. However, the 1SCs won me over with their transparency, imaging and soundstage. I sold these as I came to find my room was too big for the speakers. BTW, a friend brought over his Plinius 8150i at one point and this amp brought out bass that I never thought was possible from these monitors. But, the 8150i was edgy on the HF, where the Beat was much better overall. Matching an amp to either one of these is going to be the challenge. Neither are very efficient and are very sensitive to up-stream components
I would think the Rowland 2 would drive any of these speakers pretty well, certainly the Aerial 5's. Have you tried a big-power amp to see what sort of difference it makes?