Dynaudio 1.3SE and 1.3mK....What's the Difference?

Does anybody know what exactly is the difference between the 1.3SE and 1.3mK.


See also dynaudiousa.com, under 'archived products' in the products tab
Check out Dynaudio's archive here.
Upgraded drivers for one. Sam Tellig reviewed the 1.3SE's several years ago and discussed the differences - it might be out on the S'phile site. He characterized the 1.3SE as Dynaudio taking the 1.3 and reworking it without working to a specific price point.

I heard the 1.3SE in a nice dealer setup once - the difference between a good amp and an excellent amp was readily apparent, and the sound was excellent. I've never heard the 1.3 so I can't comment on comparing the two.
two discreet crossovers,internal bracing was strenghtened.higher grade woofer and tweeter.Sweet monitor!
The differences were also discussed on Audioasylum before.