Dynaudio 1.3mkII Vs Proac 1SC

I am a beginner and look for a good standmounter. I have listened to both Dynaudio 1.3mk2 and Proac 1SC, both are good. Anyone of you can advise which one is a better buy? and the sonic superiority over one another?

I don't want to confuse you, but I have owned both, I now own a pair of Tyler's ref monitor which I like much better, the drivers in the Tyler's are better in detail and have the best vocals, of the 2 you mentioned I would lean towards the proac, good luck to you
Don't forget about effeciency and matching. ProAc will be much easier to drive and would work well with SE tubes. Dyaaudio is rather tough to drive and generally sound better with solid state. Good luck
For $550 look into the Magnepan MMG, if you have enough power (above 25 excellent watts). Needs some room to breathe but nothing stand mounted can touch it in my opinion. You can really 'see into' the recording with this speaker. Imposing physically, about 48 inches high, 16 inches wide, but only two inches thick.
I agree with Flying, what amp are you going to use? beefy SS will be better of with the Dynaudio and the ProAC sounds awesome on tube gears.
I also have owned both and still have the Proacs.
While I agree with the need to match the right electronics, etc., IMHO the Proacs are more musical and engaging.

Get a small Sunfire or REL sub and you will be pleased.
But don't get confused, you will be happy with both. In the future, describe your electronics and you will get more objective feedback.
Mark, if you want to save a lot of money and still have a great monitor, you should look at the Coincident Triumph Sinature UHS. IMHO, it competes very well against the monitors that you are inquiring about. At only $1100 US, it's very tough to beat the price/performance ratio
What about the Revel F20?
I just went thru extensive auditions of both those speakers and IMHO the Proac was to my ears a bit more musical. I also listened to many others and I would recommend listening to the Reference 3A decappo, better than both of the above in my opinion. If price is not an issue check out the Totem Manis, incredible sound.

Of your two choices I found the Proacs were a bit more interesting and a bit more refined, associated equipment was different but both SS. Either choice is splitting hairs really. But check out the Refs, thats what I ended up with, they are amazing.

Good listening