Dynamique Cables vs Nordost cables

Iam reading good reviews on Dynamique Cables? I love Nordost Cables , I do have Tyr interconnect , Tyr speaker cables   Heimdall  Speakers cable and ic. I also have valkyrja balance ic connected from my SA 10 Marantz sacd player.Anyone here using dynamique Cables?Please share your experience. Thanks


They are comparatively to many NA readers/ users, an obscure UK boutique cables company , but they have a well-known to AGON readers, a well-known and prominent US distributor and dealer. THE CABLE COMPANY ….

IMO TCC are most likely to offer any meaningful opinions or advice, other than the obvious general comments on bespoke system dependency, and strengths vs warts of Ag vs all-Cu sonic signatures (.Both NORDOST and this enigmatic new brand offer Ag coated over Cu cables ,)

TCC perhaps can offer you a trial pair to audition in-house for a formal A-B bakeoff and eliminate all your unknowns.

because Dynamique Audio apparently also offers all-Ag construction models, then THE CABLE COMPANY would be my best choice to do a further A-B comparison with the all Ag- model KIMBER KABLE cable models..


United States Dealer: The Cable Company

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Akg-ca you read my mind, originally Iam thinking of calling TCC  to try Kimber Hero Ag And Dynamique Cable Holo2 interconnect on xlr. Yes I read Clement Perry  review on Dynamique Cable Holo 2 interconnect.Thank you.

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Ref507 I have not put a thread on Dynamique cables.Originally Iam looking to buy the Tellurium silver diamond. Then I came accross Kimber Hero Ag And Dybamique Holo Cables at TCC .I read Clement Perry review of stereotimes.I like what his impressions on this Cables .Then I decided to put this thread to compare them with Nordost cables which I own and familiar to the one I own.

By the way Ref507 I don’t do audio business. Iam not connected to any audio dealers as well.i just love music.

FWIW to the cohort unfamiliar with NORDOST cables:

Ignoring improved insulation as one goes up, their models line, the cables are grouped and sold by the numbers of individual wrapped ferrules and diameter thickness of the thin speaker gauge in the ferrule. 

I’ve owned low end LEIF class via PURPLE FLAIR speaker cables, and medium grade NORSE class via FREY full loom .I’ve auditioned them many times but not personally owned REFERENCE class VALHALLAs or ODINs

NOTE: There is a reason why the largest cohort of of the audio expo exhibitors select NORDOST VALHALLA or ODIN to showcase their products (along with CARDAS CLEAR / CLEAR BEYOND ). They are the top models respectively that sound .spectacular….

Conversely, the NORDOST bottom tier LEIF class options… are an expensive choicecto buy and not the greatest contender in their pricepoint = not so great choice that can be easily bested by peers.


To properly assess your new DYNAMIQUES as an upgrade contender how about doing a proper A-B bake-off against the NORDOST VALHALLAs as a better measure of NORDOST audio performance capabilities of an Ag coated over Cu contender. They have the overall improved number of ferrules and thus a thicker overall mass .


Akg —ca . I be been listening to Xlr balance Dominique Holo 2 in place of Nordost xlr valkyrja ic . Both cables are fantastic on my Marantz sa 10 sacd player connected to my Krell KRc preamp.So far the difference the Nordost has better transient but the Holo is quiter blaskish background and more air.Clement Perry from stereotimes is right , the Holo you will notice it’s all about the music.

Akg-ca the Valhallas are on different league so it’s not fair to compare them with the Dynamique Cable Holo.I also don’t have them.I do have the Tyr and Heimdall, and valkyrja.


Are you thinking about changing out your complete Cable system?


Happy Listening!