Dynamics and resolution...

Recently went through the power cord circles. After a few I ended up finding the Shunyata Delta NR the most pleasing. One on my receiver and one on my amplifier.
Prior to going with the Delta NR power cord I had been using Voodoo silver over copper style power cords. They were very good at almost everything. Especially for the price. In the $400 range I wasn’t sure what to expect.
However, the two faults I had problems excepting were lack of bass control and the were somewhat clinical.
The Shunyata were twice the price but I feel they are far more than worth it. My problem is, even though I feel that the Shunyata have a much wider, fuller sound stage with much better control I also miss the dynamics and extension the silver over copper of Voodoo provided.
My intentions were to replace the Morrow Audio interconnects and speaker cables next and go full Shunyata loom. Now I find myself having second thoughts and possibly going to another manufacturer for interconnects and possibly speaker cables that manufacture in silver over copper (no solid silver) in order to try and recover some of what I lost going to Shunyata. 
Thoughts or suggestions on affordable silver over copper interconnects to try? Company that produces solid copper interconnects that provide high resolution and extension?
Any help is appreciated. 

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Audio Art Cables - Rob Fritz is awesome.

it is exactly what you are asking for.
my entire system is wired with AAC