Dynamic vs Planars Speakers

Opinions Please,I'm running a AR MK2 Amp,Audible Ill.M3A,Please comment whether a dynamic or a planar speaker would sound best with this equipment,and what brand and model I should audition...Thxs Much....Sully
We really do need to know your room size to make that call.
There's so much more we need to know. What type of music you listen to, how you listen (loud, quiet, passively, actively). I used to listen to systems and think about what I really wanted to hear. What gave me goosebumps. Now that's changed 180 degrees. I have a system that allows me to hear the things I want to hear--and now I look towards what don't I want to give up. Whenever you reproduce music--you give up something (i.e. dynamics, transparancy, bass, imaging, etc). Of course, as you spend more, you can give up less (typcially).

In general, planars or stats will give you great transparancy and imaging, but limited dynamics and usually not as good bass extension as their dynamic counterparts. Some stats, such as Martin Logans, use dynamic drivers in the bass to compensate for this. Vocals, acoustic guitar, chamber music are the forte of these speakers.

Dynamic speakers are just that--dynamic. They run a huge range of areas they excell in. Some are extremely dynamic (such as horn loaded units). Some have excellent transparancy and detail (though typically still not as good as stats or planars). Some have fabulous bass. There's such a huge range.

I hope my comments have helped a little. If you provide us with more information, I'm sure you'll have many comments on speakers to audition. Also, include an approximate budget.