Dynamic monitors for Audio Refinement Complete

After almost a year of living with sub-par speakers, I am finally ready to upgrade my audio system. If anyone could offer me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

I've got an Arcam CD-92 feeding an Audio Refinement Complete integrated amplifier. I'll be moving into a smallish Boston apartment and am looking for a pair of monitors to connect to the ARC.

I like the sweetness of my current system, but both the Arcam and the Audio Refinement are a bit smooth and laid-back. So I'm looking for speakers that have a little bit of energy.

My music taste is primarily indie and classic rock with some electronica mixed in, so the lower octaves are important to m.

My budget is $1500 used. I'm currently considering the following (some of which are going to be a financial stretch....):

B&W N805 or CDM1
JMR Trente
JM Lab 926
GMA Europa
Joseph Audio RM7si
Paradigm Signature S2

I have not yet had a chance to listen to any of these models, but will do so over the next four to six weeks. If anyone has some thoughts on the speakers and on their compatibility with the Audio Refinement amp, I would really appreciate it.
You've picked some great ones! Include the Coincident Triumph TRS monitor with upgraded internal wiring, crossover and tweeter. Good luck.
I'm using an Audio Refinement Complete and modified Music Hall CD-25 with a pair of ProAc Response 1s's. I'm extremely happy with the combination.
Thanks for the advice. Part of me also wants to give the Dynaudio Contour or Audience line a shot, but from what I hear, they are too power-hungry to really sound good with my amplifier.
I've owned the audio refinement numerous times. I still love it. I had it paired with some B&W CDM 1NT's with some great success. If you can afford to jump up to the N805's, I would go that route. The s N805's will be even better when you can afford to go with better electronics. But I'lll bet the ARC will be a great match...

I just took a look at the 805s, and for the first time realized that they are front-ported. That should be a desirable attribute in my smaller room, since I will need to put the speakers close-ish to the walls (but certainly not against them!).
Soliloquy 5.0's. No question a great combo with the Complete. Very very dynamic and sweet sounding. Very sensitive to stands and fill material and coupling.

You can pick them up cheap right now.

I agree about the Soliloquy 5.0's, those are the speakers I had with the Audio Refinement Complete before I got the ProAc 1s's. They do have a sweet sound that's very forgiving with a wide range of music and recording quality and are an amazing bargain at the current price.

I recommended the ProAcs rather than the Soliloquys because of Nirvap's desire for an energetic speaker. Both the ProAcs and the Soliloquys are wonderful, well-built speakers but, in my experience with the two, the ProAcs are much more lively and dynamic.
Sfar and I have "conversed" before about the 5.0's. I have not heard the ProAcs, but I can tell you that the way I have the 5.0's set up its hard to imagine more low level liveliness than I'm experiencing in my room. I returned the Soliloquy custom stands because they just killed the dynamics. My favorite setup so far is Lovan Caliber stands filled with a small steel shot and sand mix with the speakers sitting on cork. With that combination I hear everything on the recording, especially extreme bass definition that was always buried. I'm constantly amazed. Try the 5.0's in your listening room if you can...
One small bit of information regarding the GMA Europas. They are about to be replaced by an ugraded monitor. GMA is replacing the tweeter and upgrading the crossover components. It will be more expensive than the current Europa model because of the increased cost of parts, but they will probably fall in line with your budget. I would get in touch with Roy to find out when the Europa replacements will be ready for new orders. Roy Johnson is a great guy and you'll enjoy talking to him.

PS - I'm not a dealer, nor do I have any financial interest whatsoever in GMA.
I'm about to buy an Audio Refinement Complete to use with my Europas. Bought used Europas without being able to audition them (nearest dealer is hundreds of miles away). Can't say enough about the speakers, they are not fully broken in, but they are great at both high, and more important for me, at low volume. You will hear it over and over again, and it is true- these speakers are as good as any for under $3000. Perhaps they are better than those over $3000 but I haven't listened to anything at that price level. You can't go wrong with Europas and if you buy them used and you don't like them there are a lot of people who will be happy to buy them from you at what you pay-
Good listening