Dynamic Design Lotus Spkr cable users?

Just wondering if any of you are using Next Gen Lotus
spkr cables and how they compare to what I already have,
Goertz MI2 bi-wire copper?

I haven't heard the Goertz cables but the DD Lotus are excellent. I used all Dynamic Design cables at last years RMAF and will this year, they are my reference in our showroom. The cables are very (surprise!) dynamic and neutral, mating well with other gear with those attributes. I also like to use/show with gear that offers real value for their level of performance and these cables do that.
I would like to echo what Lou says about these cables. In my experience, which is pretty considerable at this point, they are the best cables I've heard. Very dynamic, quiet, neutral and easy to work with in terms of connections.
Thanks guys for the information. The speaker cable will have to wait until a later date but my source will hopefully have two pairs of the new next Gen MK2 ready for shipment soon. I can't wait to get them in my system!

Hello from Audio Oasis; Just noticed your question regarding Dynamic Design Lotus Gen. II cables. Having met Bill and Olu by referral from Tash Goka of Reference 3a speaker manufacturer at 2005 CES I used Dynamic Cables at the show on Tash's recommendation. I can confirm to you that as of today I will only use Dynamic's cables at any show I am doing. The Lotus Gen II sonically is one of the best cables I have ever used and is such a great match with our own manufactured Audio Zone amplifiers that they are residing in both my home systems. Highly, Highly Recommend!
George Tordai (Audio Zone Sales & Marketing)
Thanks for taking the time to express your experiences and positive responses about Dynamic Design cables. I have also upgraded my entire system to DD Bi-wire and MK2 interconnects. I'll post my experience with these cables once I receive them and have given them the appropriate time to burn-in. I'm really surprised that these cables are not known by many and received "outstanding"reviews. This could be your last cable upgrade, there just that good!

Hi, this is Jessmar. I recently added two Dynamic Design power cords to my system with a third on the way. It's good to see that the word is getting out on the cables being put out by Dynamic Design Corp. and Chief designer, Mr. Olufemi Sonuga.
These are the best cables I've heard and until I hear better, these will remain my choice of reference. My dealings with Dynamic Design are first class. I predict great things for Mr. Sonuga and his company Dynamic Design Corp. For all of you Audiogon members, remember that name.
A little late to this party but I found Olu and his line of cabling through a local dealer Van L Speakerworks in Chicago. I intially used what would probably be Audio Quest's current "Comet" series. I'd been sucker punched by my dealer to "just go ahead and try the demo's" from the 2010 RMAF. These were limitied edition 10th Anniversary Nebula cables (no longer offered-CNO-type). Well, to quote the others in this email string, no others will ever be considered in my system but these (my entire system is 10th Anniversary). When the Nebula THB AC cables were introduced, it was akin to having a $7500-$10K top-end line conditioner introduced into the system. Pricey, yeah, but it shocking improvement in quiet and dynamism (sp-?). Nothing short of stunning.