Dynamic Design Challenger AE15 AC cables

I read a few reviews of this company by Bob Levi
and Marshall Nack on the Nebula AC cable. Both had nothing but high praise for it stating how quiet and noiseless it was.

Now the best AC cable I ever had in my system was the JPS Aluminata when it came to a noiseless dead quiet AC cable. The only problem I found with the JPS was it dampened the music to were it sounded dark and closed in just a tad for my taste. I have always wanted to stumble across a AC cable like the Aluminata that had a more open live sound to it.

There was a demo Challenger from the Heritage line that was a step down from the reference Nebula for sale here on the 'Gon. Being assured by the designer Olu that the Challenger was 95% as the Nebula by reason of his upgrades to it, I bought 2 of them and demoed a Spirit digital cable and a Lotus AE15 analog cable. Well the Challenger sounded like my JPS Aluminata on steroids . Finally I found the AC cable that had all the markings of the JPS with a strong drink to go along with it. The Spirit and Lotus easily beat up on my Stage 3 Vortex Prime. How could these AC cable beat the living snot out of the VP cables?

Now my best AC cables at this time have been by far the Stage 3 Vortex Prime / Minotaur and the Zyklop. The used demo Challenger was as good if not better than the Zyklop cable. Now this company has my interest!!

I got to speak with the sales rep for Dynamic Design whose name is Bill. Nice chap he is and very helpful with all info concerning DD. He spoke of a new design coming out in the Heritage line." It is better than the ref. Nebula ", he said. Ok so I bite and grab the new Challenger AE15. I have but 10 hours on it so a further report will be coming out after 100 hours.

These AC cables can change a whole system for the better in a way that's mind boggling.

A old/new kid on the block has outran the mighty Stage 3 Concepts AC cables in my system.
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Ok so we now have 30 hours on the Challenger AE15. Already the edge and harshness is moving away with a more solid dynamic sounding AC cable. The ability to give one a 3D presentation is just startling. Kill the grunge and interference in one's system and you are left with a 3D image that reminds me of the new 4K TV technology.

This designer Olu is really on to something here.

More to come!!!!
The fact Olu's on to something is quite an understatement. My sytem's completely wired with the DD's 10th Anniversary Nebula interconnects, digital and AC cabling. The 10th Anniversary is (was) a limited edition that pulled out all the stops. They're truly a regligious experience.
Pushing some 50 hours and I must say the 3D imaging is stellar. Bought anther Heritage AC cable.

The Spirit/Lotus cables, that are a step down from the Heritage line, will for $1200.00, compete with $3K AC cables.
Curious, why do you think the spirit/lotus cables will compete with 3000 cables? I have some dd stuff and like it but it looks like you have the more expensive stuff.


The Spirit/Lotus is much better than the Stage 3 Vortex Prime/Minatour so much so that I realized that Olu had designed AC cables that at even at his entery leval cables they will outrun $3K cables.
I was feeling good about the vortex prime I just got until I read this (actually I still like it). It is much better than the older dd lotus I have but I know they have had several generations since. I will give the dd a try again. Thanks for posting your impressions (wish I had read a couple days earlier)

The VP is a great AC cable as is all S3 AC cables. When I heard the beginner DD Spirit on my digital in place of the VP I knew Olu was on to something big. That's when I went after his newer designs.

Installed all my DD AC cables in my friends system and he was shell shocked. What we hear with a full loom is deep 3D sound stage with the music coming out of the box.
I have the Challenger AE15. 

It is utterly refined and dropped the noise floor further from my previous reference cord.

Again, another shortcoming that I thought was coming from my DAC was addressed by a power upgrade.