Dynamat on speaker stands - WOW

People have talked about dynamatting components and racks but I didn't notice any discussion about speaker stands. I have fairly cheap stands under Fritz Carbons and I could easily feel them vibrating.

I decorated the verticle poles with strips of Dynamat, and covered the bottom of the top plates with it. (I've already got cork on the tops of the top plate.) I used less than one 12x12 sheet for both stands.

The improvement was considerable in the areas of mid-range and upper bass clarity, and soundstange width. Perhaps with massive audiophile-approved stands it wouldn't make a significant difference. But for those who enjoy milking great sound at low cost -- whether by financial necessity or personal disposition -- $60 stands plus $10 of dynamat is worth way more than the sum of the parts.
This makes sense to me. When I had a high end audio system in my van, dynamat lining the door panels was very helpful. Your idea of using it on the home speaker stands is a clever one, and something many may not have thought of. The price is right, too.