Ive used dyamat in my cars before to eliminate vibrations, it does a hell of a job and gives you a clean smooth ride.

has anybody ever tried placing this under thier components?
maybe stick a large chunk to the bottom of the dvd player, cd player and processor, or set the equipment on top of it?

has anybody tried using this on speaker stands?

I see alot of areas where people use all sorts of stuff to do what dynamat does, i was wondering if anybody has had any experience with it.

if not, i might go buy a bunch.
I have used it (or similar products) inside the chassis and covers of electronic boxes so they no longer sound like telephones - ring, ring! Especially good for the really flimsy metal and plastic - cheap (oops, inexpensive) CD & DVD players, amps, etc. Even TVs!

Never have tried on stands or bottoms of equipment - watch for ventilation requirements.
Recommended in the Ah!CD players (which are not cheap junk but do have flimsy enclosures) Used to good effect. Not sure I would put it under a component as the asphalt smooshes and sticks to exposed surfaces and one side is conductive so if you have any grounding problems between components you could be in for a nasty suprise.
A major manufacturer uses Dynamat inside their component casings to deaden internal vibrations. This is a fact. Regards, Robin
I like Dynamat but there are much les expensive alternatives (without the metallic surface layer) available through Parts Express and similar suppliers. I've heard you can get thin adhensive-backed asphalt damping material at Home Depot, but I haven't looked yet.