dynaco tube cdp

im thinkin about buying a dynaco tube cd player for a very good price for my 2nd player, anybody have any experience with this player.
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I think Sean is probably the guy to ask about this one. I remember a few years back that he was in the market for one.

I have heard from someone (can't remember who now), that he had two Dynaco CD players, one tube, the other not. His strong opinion was the tube CD player was not nearly as good. But, I still would like to hear Sean's viewpoint.
Joe, you've got a good memory. My Brother was looking for the Dynaco CD-V Pro for quite a long period of time and i had posted wanted ads / asked questions about these units for him. After holding out for quite a while, he had given up on finding one and made another purchase. Of course, just shortly after that one turned up and it wasn't at a bad price either. Ain't that how it always works out :)

From what i understand the only difference between the Pro and an earlier Dynaco model was the addition of the HDCD circuit, but i could be wrong. There is info in the Agon archives about the Dynaco units, but how much or how informative, i can't recall.

As a side note, the inclusion of the HDCD circuit can actually lower the performance of standard Redbook circuitry from what i've read. There are mods that can be made to some units to minimize / negate these drawbacks, but i think that a lot of this will have to do with how well the design was implimented to begin with. Sean