dynaco st120 amps

looking for some feedback on these amps. anybody have one. where does the sound fit in with all the new tube amps. are they reliable. thanks
Hi, This is only my feeling, the 120 was not one of Dynacos better amps. I had one once and hated it. There are a slew of amps out there to chose from. I'd pass on this one.
The ST120 has a cult following. It is a unique circuit, best described as a preamp on steroids...output through a huge capacitor. It was, in some regards, superior to the later ST150 which was a conventional circuit configuration. I had one for years and years. Nothing ever went wrong with it, and I think I finally gave it away.
I owned the ST120 back in the day and thought it sounded quite good. In fact, I didn't think the Dyna ST-400 that I replaced it with sounded much better although it could play louder.
Are you speaking of the currently offered ST-120 tube amp kit or the solid state 60 watter from the 1970s?
the tube amp kit.
Then you can ignore all of the posts that preceded mine, as they all refer to the earlier solid-state offering. Bob Latino is a good guy, and this is, more or less, a proven design. It would be hard to compare this to a new tube amp as pretty much all of them sell for over $1000.00. The few in this price range are made in China, for what it's worth. I'd go with it, but if you don't need the power, Bob's Stereo 70 reissue kit looks fabulous. Audiogon member Trelja built one and has told me that it is fantastic. Best of luck.
I also built one of Bob's ST-120 kits. It's the best kit I've every built. The directions are extremely well done, with great helpful pictures. With minimal soldering skills anyone can complete it easily. Best of all, the sound is great. Highly recommended.
thank you all