Dynaco ST-70 match with ZU - Druid MK 4 speakers?

I know that these 100 DB Zu speakers cry out for SETs.. though any ideas on how one of these clasic Dynacos push/pulls might sound with them
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actually the druid was born to be paired with dynaco push/pull magic. heard druids with an mc225 and an mc240 and they sweetly rocked. the st70 should be no different.
Thank you
I use a pair of tricked out Dynaco MKIII monoblocks and modded up PAS to dive the Druids. Beats the big modern ss and SET amps I've used for dynamic presence and bringing the music to life. The power can bring down the house, but the textures at low listening can charm the night away. (The SET was smooth and nice in that studied listening way, but as a musician myself, not my cup of tea.)