Dynaco ST-70 Interconnects ????

I am putting together a Dynaco ST-70 w/ PAS 3 Preamp and have the FM 5 MPX SS Tuner. What interconnects do you gurus recommend, what speakers and cables, I was considering Klipsch Herseys.Do you think that the FM 3 tube tuner will sound better than the SS FM 5. I am also looking for an antennae for the tuner.Thanks, Curt Lambert.
I do not have an interconnect recommendation, but I can say that I think that the FM3 sounds better than the FM5. [I owned 2 FM3s and 2 FM5s but I sold both of my FM5s.] As for speakers to go with my PAS3-ST70 combo, I have gotten great results with Spendor S3/5, Spendor LS3/5a, B&W 601S2, B&W 302, Fulton FMI80s, and Fulton J-Modulars. The beauty of the Dyna stuff is in the midrange, so go with speakers that have a smooth, liquid, and detailed midrange and you just might experience hi-fi magic. good luck
For interconnects try making your own with Canare 4E6S Star Quad cable. If no dealer near you, Full Compass Systems sells Canare. The FM3 sounds better. You'll have to align it which may make you go back to SS. Check out Gillum G3 loudspeakers ( Gillum Loudspeaker Systems, Ridgedale, MO ) These whip the Heresy's and are about 98 dB sensitive. Don't have the number but is area 417. They have been written up and liked. Gillum makes speakers for superb motion picure theater systems and studios and has not been chasing the "hi end" market. Thus the name is not household and you won't see it in glossy spreads in the mags. Nonetheless, the G3 is a wonderful loudspeaker.