Dynaco sca-35 and celestion vintage 30s?

I currently have a magnavox all-in-one cabinet (turntable/amp/speakers) that it seems like i'm perpetually upgrading. However, the fiance loves the look and who am I to argue with that. I recently disconnected the stock magnavox amp (SS) and now have a shiny Dynaco sca-35 powering the speakers. The problem, is the stock left-channel speaker is blown (my guess) as I get a nasty distorted/scratchy sound after a period of use. This problem existed with the old amp, and now the new dynaco.

So, I decided to dig into the cabinet and see whats going on with these speakers. I found a 10" woofer, a 5" midrange, and what appears to be a 4" dome tweeter.

I figure I will replace them all with something that will compliment the amp though keeping a budget in mind. I already have a pair of 12" celestion vintage 30 speakers that are going unused at the moment. I thought about trading them in or selling them in order to buy the vintage 30 10" speakers.

I'm not sure where to go for the 5" and 4" speakers nor what type of crossover capacitors would need to be in place.

This is where I turn to the forum for help. Thanks! :)

A 4" tweeter? Dispersion much? I would keep the outside and put some more modern speakers inside. A pair of Epos you can pick up for a couple of hundred would be a drastic improvement. you can put them on some isolation material as having stereo speakers solidly mounted in a cabinet was a BAD THING. Barzalay use to make large cabinet that appeared to be solid but had places to put your speakers inside.