Dynaco PAT4 mods

There used to be several kits to modify the PAT series.
I have a very decent stock PAT4 and have been considering playing with it.
Do any of you have one that is modified?
If so, how did the mods changed the character of the unit?
Lots of nice modded PAS 3's around, very few PAT 4 or 5 because they were a dog to start with, i had a Van Alstine modded PAT 5 and it was still a dog.
Frank Van Alstine wrote a nice little article about a complete rebuild, with instructions for the hobbyist, in his newsletter. Parts cost is around $70.00 to pull it off. Why not take a stab at it?
Oh, and this guy has some cheap, or free, mods as well:


Good luck with the project.