Dynaco owners please comment

I recently bought a Dynaco 120c and wondered is there any differences in the models. I have noticed some with the A series on them.Also I'am very impressed by the quality of these vintage amps and wondered why I have spent more money and not gotten the sound quality of this 60 wpc amplifier.These little amps are not embarassed by SS amps in the 3K to 4K range IMO.Since I have owned a few in this range I think it's a fair judgment.Also what do you guys use to keep the chrome on these amps looking good ? I think I'am hooked and will have to have the whole dynaco setup.Anybody looking for a SS or tube amp owes it to themselves to try one of the dynaco models out before spending more! David Hafler rest in peace! Thanks for any and all comments!
The Stereo 120 originally came as a kit or assembled. The A stands for assembled, meaning it came that way from the factory. I've no idea what the C stands for.

Use 0000 steel wool to de-rust the chrome and chase it with a clearcoat-safe car wax like Meguiar's Cleaner/Wax. The car wax alone works great on the outside of the crusty rca jacks too. Hey, if you like the Stereo 120 wait til you hear its successor, the Hafler DH200. That's the path I took and enjoyed them both. Love live retro!
Another path to take is to check out Frank Van Alstine at Jensen Stereo Shop in Minnesota at


for upgrades to the Dynaco equipment. I have a modified 150 amp and it's great!
Just a guess, but your 120C may be an upgraded or modified unit (or perhaps a later version). I recall Panor (sp) selling various revised Dynaco models in the past 10 years (tube amps/preamps and something based on the SS 150, I think).

I am not familiar with a "C" version of the 120.

Could also stand for chrome VS nickel plate.

Let us know if you find out further info on the 120C.

I was not impressed with the original 120 amp, though it did receive positive pro reviews. For SS I liked the sound of the Citation 12 and the little Marantz amp (may have been the model 12).
The Dynakit stereo 120 was the first solid state amp that I owned, replacing a 40wpc Eico tube job.

The ST120 circuit was very different from just about every other transistorized amplifier (including later Dynaco units) in that it did not have a complementary transistor output stage, but rather the output was coupled through an enormous electrolytic capacitor. The circuit has been described as a preamp on steroids.

The later Dynaco Stereo 150 had a more conventional circuit and was touted as a big upgrade. Many bad things were said about the ST 120. Specwise this was true, but I always found the ST 150 less satisfacory overall. Lately the reputation of the ST 120 has been rehabilitated.
Thanks guys for all the info.This maybe a modified version..I'am not sure.If so who ever modified it.. did one hell of a job.If I have learned one thing it's specs have nothing to do with how well a peice of audio equipment will sound.It's the quietest amp I have ever owned,no sizz,hum,nothing.I can't tell it's on..even with my ear inches from the tweeter.It fills the almost 11 ft of space between my speakers at low volumes with no problems.I'am going to have to go find this Citation 12 or Marantz amp.. if they can out do this little guy!

Happy Listening Guys!
Update...Pbowne I was doing a cleaning on the unit and found the Jensen Stereo Shop logo.So it is a modified version.This Frank Van Alstine is the man!Looks like it is a 120A series C..whatever that means.
If you think that's good, wait 'til you hear the Dynaco tube amps like the Stereo 70 and the Mark III monos. Especially modified.
Elgordo I will add them to my list of ampifiers to snatch up when I see a good deal!! At the price these amplifiers go for they are an absolute steal! It makes one feel foolish for spending thousands to get this kind of sound quality.