Dynaco MK III Monobloc

Can someone share some experience about these classic? Their sound characters?
Their transformers(the foundation of a tube amp) are very good. The sound can vary from tubey/euphonic, to very clean and extended, depending on the owner's choice of tubes, caps, resistors and wiring. Left stock; you'll have the first presentation.
Thanks Rodman, saw a pair in Asia going for US$3000. In very decent conditions with G.E 6550 and Mullard GZ34. Is the price ok?
Classic equipment such as these Dyna's command very high prices in Asia due primarily to their classic status and collectabilty. The Mk III's can sound pretty good particularly after updating. But, $3000?! I don't think so. Way too much, in my opinion.
Before Dyna, before Dynakit, the company manufactured transformers. They realized that between the Output and Power transformers they had most of the parts value of an amp. So, they put out the amp kits.

I think the 60 watt monoblock was over $120 when the rule of thumb was a dollar a watt.
I'd have to agree that $3K is high, for a pair of Dyna Mk III's. A really nice(operational and stock) pair, might bring around a grand on eBay. Matter of fact: (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dynaco-MKIII-tube-amplifiers-pair-sequential-serial-numbers-s-n-tags-on-100-v-g-/110835587093?pt=Vintage_Electronics_R2&hash=item19ce50d815)
Wasn't the Mk III a 35 watter; sometimes referred to as half an ST70?
They can be wired to run in triode mode, and will do 30W. In pentode mode, they are rated 60W @ <1% THD / 50W @ <.5% THD. You may be thinking of the MK II(actually rated as a 50W amp, but did 35W @ .5% THD.
That's right; thanks. That's how my cousin used them; wired in triode. He drove a pair of Quad 57'S. I still remember that beautiful midrange.