Dynaco FM 3 volume

I was wondering if the volume control should be set full or lower or if it makes a difference either way?Is it possible to overdrive the preamp by running full?
My FM-3 has been restored and upgraded and sounds great with the volume set at about 3/4 wide open. runs into either a Rotel RSP-1098 SSP or a McIntosh C-15 preamp.
Tumbler,May I ask what kind of upgrades you did and where and how much.I really like the sound of my dynaco and I'm worry of loosing that sound by upgrading!But I am sure there is room for improvement.I have tried new $3000.00 tuners and they were terrible!What are you using for tubes.I just retubed mine with all NOS Philips early 60s.I use Telefunken in the 12ax7 spots.Have you tried 12au7s?The stereo light was not lighting up fully so I took out the original Mullard/Dynaco tubes and replaced them with the Philips and now the stereo lite lights up all the way and boy what difference in seperation!Must have been a bad tube.I have never had it aligned,was told not to mess with the slugs,they could break I guess.