Dynaco BPA-2 GEQ-2 Preamp and EQ

I have just purchased some unidentified Dynaco solid state stuff. It is Panpr era and very high quality. The pre-amp is a BPA-2 black faced, ALPS controls with both MM and MC pre-amp on board. The other is a very nice equalizer. Similar to the PAS-4. I have been told by several "experts "that this stuff came from an Atlanta CES in about 1975 where all the Dynaco stuff was stolen. Thus it never made it to the market.
Any info would be greatdfully accepted. They are in as new condition and work beautifully with my Dynaco tube amps and Quad 57's.
I realize that you posted this information years ago, but I am reading it for the first time tonight.  I worked for dynaco and was at the Atlanta show when the new product line was stolen.   I've always wondered if any of the products would surface years later.  The numbers of the products you listed do not match my recollection of the proper product designations.   However my curiosity over this strange disappearance has never ended and I would love to see pictures of the items you have located.