Dyna XX-2 MKII vs. Lyra Kleos

I've been contemplating going from my Dyna XX-2 MKII to a Lyra Kleos on my VPI Classic 3. I dug through the archives, but mostly found comparisons between the Delos and Kleos. I would appreciate any insight from someone that has compared the two cartridges, or even if you have compared the Dyna XX-2 MKII to the Lyra Delos or Kleos. Of primary concern, is the bass response, will it be comparable, have the same impact as the Dyna XX-2 MKII? My phono stage is the Avid Pulsus, Amp - Music Reference RM-9 MK II and Wilson Sophia IIs.
I use to have a dynavector xx2 mk.2 on my VPI Classic 3 with a 3D arm. Then I purchased a used Kleos SL on Audiogon and it was so much better!
The xx2 was smooth and had nice tone but sounded a little dull compared to the Kleos.
The Kleos SL was much faster,detailed, and more open sounding without losing the tonality and great bass like the xx2.

It was a big step up in my system, IMHO.
I had a Delos, Kleos, Skala, EMT JSD6.

No i have a VdH Frog in a SME V and a Dyn XX2 MK2 in an Origin Live Conqueror. My Lyra´s were not really good trackers and on bright recordings or some with loud s-tones, they tend to fizzl.

On a lot recordings the Kleos sounds very, very good.

Now i am in love with the Frog, which is also very open sounding with an enormous resolution but better tracking than my Lyra`s. The Dynavector is very warm, analog sounding and is the choice for the bright recorded vinyls.
I love it really, but it is a step under the Frog.

I have both measured with Adjust+ and they are very well built.
Never had or heard an Allaerts. Had a Lyra Helikon some time back. It was too thin sounding for me. After owning a Dynavector  XV-1S, I decided to "downgrade" to the Dyna XX2 Mk.2. I was pleasantly surprised about how much similar it sounded in comparison with the far more expensive XV-1S. In combination with the TW Acustic 10.5 tonearm, the XX2 gives much pleasure.