Dyna 20XL and Shelter 501 II - fixed load ?

I have a Linto phono stage which has a fixed load impedance of 150 ohms. Which cartridge do you think would mate better with this loading?

Thanks for the help.
Looking at just the numbers, the DV20XL has a recommended load impedance of 30 ohms. The 501 II has a recommended load impedance of 100 ohms. The Shelter looks like the closer match, but truth would be in the listening.
Why not avoid the loading problem altogether and go with a Dyna 20XH? It takes the standard 47K and the output is 2.8 mV.

The 20XH has too much output for the Linto, or so I've been told. I believe it was designed for low output moving coils only.

Thanks Mofimadness - I've been leading towards the Shelter.
The shelter 501 II is very good indeed. They won't disappoint.