Dylan, Richards, and Waits

I just returned from a Columbia Record Co. party in New York where they previewed the upcoming release by the trio of Bob Dylan, Keith Richards and Tom Waits singing a cappella love songs. Who could ever imagine the three worst voices in music harmonizing to such exquisite perfection. Some of the tracks are classics: Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Strangers In The Night, You'll Never Walk Alone, The Sound of Music, and my favorite, In The Still Of The Night. There are a few original tracks composed by the trio: Keith Richards-She Only Loves Me After I Bathe, Bob Dylan-Who Am I, and Tom Waits-Ipecac and Roses. The cd will be titled: I Almost Styled My Hair Today.
April Fools! Good one, mate!
I believe it
Last night I was channel surfing and, of course, stopped on a commercial for Victoria's Secret. Bob Dylan was in the commercial. This ain't no April Fools joke either. Honest. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I look forward to seeing the whole thing at some time as I only caught a small part of it.
I saw the Dylan Victoria's Secrtet ad two days ago and I was dumbstruck. I thought he looked like he had some work done recently.
Dr. Lirpa loves this new release. He claims it will act as reference material for all his upcoming product release demonstrations.
I hope Bob isn't modelling any Victoria Secret lingerie !

By the way, can anyone comment on the latest Dylan "Bootleg Series 6: Concert at Philharmonic Hall". A solo show from, I think, 1964, with Joan Baez on a few tunes. Would especially be interested in how it rates versus the acoustic disk on his "Live 1966: The "Royal Albert Hall Concert".
I have to say as a Dylan nut that BS Vol6. Live 1964 is a slight disappointment for me.

Perhaps it's the universal 5 star reviews that had my expectation raised too high.

Don't get me wrong it's a very good concert but it lacks that vital X factor for me.
It is unique for two reasons in that Dylan banters away with the audience and the versions are pretty straight and very close to the recorded versions.

In pales beside the '66 gig but that was a completely different Bob but I have to say the acoustic material from '66 seems simply more interesting.

I have had the "bootleg version" of this new Volume 6 release for many years. The sound quality is good and I am wondering if the official release would have significantly better sound quality?

Or should I save the $15.00 bucks and just keep listening to the one I have.......

I bought the new Dylan yesterday and have not even listened to the second disc yet and I think it's great! I had a bootleg which they referenced in the liner notes, but it was stolen from me. I was hoping this would be a good replacement and in my mind it is.

I have not read or heard any reviews of this set so I did not have the chance to mount any preconceived notions about it. I have seen 'Zimmy' on several occasions and this is the most laid back and casual, or (gasp) dare I say, friendly mood I have ever witnessed. He is not the "Dylan" myth here, he is just the man.

Would I have made a few changes in the track selection, of course! Did he make any bad choices? No! For the money this is an inexpensive snapshot of an icon who was on the mark that night! What more can a jaded music lover want???

As far as the complilation with Tom and Keith, I wasn't too impressed with the sound but the cover picture is worth the price. Who does their hair!?!
In my opinion, the sound quality of the official Bootleg release of 1964 is far superior to the "unofficial" version that has circulated for a long time. The unofficial one, though, has some extra tracks from a show in 1962, which is why it's called "All Hallows Eve and More."

That being said, I really wish that Columbia had issued the 1963 concert at Carnegie Hall instead of this one. It's a much better setlist, I think. But... we can still get it via other means ;-)