Dylan/Cash Sessions - good on LP?

I would like to get a copy of Dylan/Cash Sessions, but since this is a bootleg, it is worth getting on LP, or a digital version of some sort?

Are there more than one LP pressing version?
There's are some LP's listed on Ebay. I imagine the LP versions are somewhat rare and costly.

This is great stuff - I've got it digitally. Don't deny yourself. Learn how to use torrents and download a version yourself. Go to wikipedia and search for 'BitTorrent'. Read/digest/configure. Then Google 'torrent Dylan Cash' and find a (preferably lossless) torrent.

Once you've learned how to do this, you've gained yourself access to countless quality live recordings. I apoligize in advance if appear presumptuous in your technical ability. Take the time - believe me it's worth it.
A bootleg vinyl pressing?
Bootleg vinyl was once very prominent. I have a few myself.
Slothman - notice I mentioned "or a digital version of some sort" - thanks for the suggestion.