DYI upgrading B&W N805 to Diamond 805?


I have an older Natilus 805 speakers which are still working great, but I am in the need of some better dynamics, top-end, and bass.  Since the cabinet of 805 hasn't changed at all (from what I gather), is it possible for myself to just change the tweeter, drivers, and cross-over to the 805 diamond series and create the same sound?

Anyone's done such a thing before?

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Mundorf MKP.

Inexpensive (relatively) and quite compact. It's also B&W's mid-range cap brand.
I was going to say, upgrade the caps. 
Yes. Otherwise sell them as is and buy your next pair.
Mills are just great resistors AND they are great value.

I've not found better. Just more expensive.

High precision, amazing thermal stability and small size for the wattage makes them really kind of incredible resistors. I really really don't understand anyone who uses others, but I have not heard everything.

Love Mills, sherod!

I highly recommend Clarity if you want sincere musical transmission.

If you want the B&W kind of shine of the top end, go with Mundorf SIO.
I agree with Elizabeth.

Your good choices are:

  • Sell what you have
  • Upgrade the caps
  • Build a new kit from scratch (my fave!)
Definitely trying to create a new speaker with a new tweeter from zero is nowhere near an easy ask, nor in the end profitable.

It can be a lot of fun, but this way is a very very expensive learning experience.

If you want to play with speaker parts (and who doesn't?) best you consider building a brand new kit.


It is a lot safer to upgrade the caps for modern speakers than for speakers from the 80's.

You don't run into ESR differences luke you did before, which does funky things to the impedance curve.

So long as you have the right uF and don't go down in voltage ratings, replacing caps is pretty simple and safe and can be beneficial.

As I've mentioned, if you want to go with the B&W sound, stick with Mundorf and Mundorf SIO.  Look around on the Internet and you'll see that's what B&W is putting into their top speakers.

There's at least one pair of B&W speakers that were identical except for the tweeter cap. The high end used Mundorf, low end some generic.  I'm sorry I don't remember the exact models, but bookshelves.