DYI cable

I want to build my own speaker cables. Why? because I want to try!
After reading multiple sites/watching videos on doing that, I am left with two questions: is solid copper wire better than multiple strand? is silver coated wire better than plain copper?
Thank you.
Are you planning on fabricating the cable from scratch or using some brand of
bulk cable?

If fabricating from scratch - What cable architecture are you planning on
- spiral, braided, parallel, twisted etc...

What is your budget?

How long are the cables going to be?

I've used silver coated for the signal conductor and copper for the neutral
conductor in a spiral architecture and they worked extremely well, but the
cables were short and as such were easier to fabricate than a longer cable
would be.


Belden had some microphone cable that I bought by the 100 foot reel to make interconnects, and somebody paid them to quit making it. That cable was a combination of silver and copper. You start with the wire. Vampire Wire will sell you some good wire,and you can go from there; but you have to have good wire.

I'm not an engineer, I just know what sounds good. If it sounds too good, that company will be paid money to quit making it. "Speakerlab". I think was the name of the company that made good "Klipshorn" knockoffs. Since there was nothing Klipsh could do to stop them, they paid them to quit making the speaker, and that was the end of that story.

These big manufacturers pay people to quit making good stuff, so I suggest you contact "Vampire wire".