Dyanudio Xeo 3 Wow

I bought a pair of these for my bedroom to replace a big system on a rack I had there before. I needed something simpler and hopefully didn't disappoint to much. I did not expect these to sound as good as they do. I've owed a lot of different stereos and in my travels this has got to be the best bang for the buck I've ever heard. These little speakers seriously rock and fill my 12x15 bedroom to the brim with excellent sound. If you had an interest in these speakers I can highly recommend to check them out they are the real deal. I am feeding them a digital signal from an Apple TV that I stream to from my iTunes library on my computers. I don't know how Dynaudio has packed so much into such a small box that produces such a big sound. They have hit it out of the park with this one in my opinion.
Cool. I wonder how good the floor stander is?
I am wondering the same thing. If there were more input options I might consider them for my main system. I could imagine we might see bigger and better versions of these in the future. For someone looking for awesome sounding uncluttered hifi this is it.
Very interesting. Hadn't seen these yet, but like the idea. Have never heard a Dynaudio product sound less than excellent.
The Xeo5 is excellent.

If you buy an Excite equivalent (on which the Xeos are based), you'd have a hard time finding a good quality amp to drive them for the difference in price btw the Xeos and the Excites IMHO
The Xeo5 is excellent.

If you buy an Excite equivalent (on which the Xeos are based), you'd have a hard time finding a good quality amp to drive them for the difference in price btw the Xeos and the Excites IMHO
Doggie you forgot all the cables too!! IC - SC and PC
I've heard the Xeo's and owned some other active Dyn's (Focus 110A's and BM5A's). The Xeo's are interesting though I'm not sure they're as good as the others.

A good alternative to the 3's are the AVI ADM9T RS. They have 2 digital inputs, 1 analog, a sub out and are remote controlled. Pair them with a decent sub and you have an excellent, relatively discrete system that is tough to beat for the price.
My local hi fi guy was telling me how much he liked dynaudio based on a pair of dynaudio bookshelf speakers they had a few months back. Then I heard a factory installed dynaudio system in the new v.w. Golf R. Best car stereo I've ever heard. Then, just today, I visited Rob (local hi-fi guy) again and we listened to a pair of wireless, self powered floorstanding dynaudio speakers (can't remember the model) for a good hour and let me tell you, these speakers are incredible. They came with crap power cords so they swapped them out with some that were $150 a piece. They also have a cheap plastic remote. Other than that no complaints. Seriously though, these speakers sounded incredible. Very smooth, detailed, black background, and incredible bass that filled a large room no problem. I haven't heard many really high end speakers but they did compare to some b&w 802 diamond series being powered by $7500 worth of Classe amp / pre-amp. Just think too, no expensive interconnects, xlr's, speakerwire etc. and your "system?" will look way cleaner and you don't have to worry about the synergy of multiple pieces.
The 110A is based on the Focus series (one up from the Excite) so it's not surprising it sounds better.
So upon further investigation, it was the xeo 5 that that I was listening to the other day and they did sound incredible. They were being played through a $10,000 moon dac, which I'm sure helped, but still.
The xeo does not need a DAC the DAC is part of the transmitter in fact I dont see how a great DAC could even come into play with these. I guess you could feed the analog inputs from the DAC but that seems weird to not just run a straight digital signal to the transmitter.

Once again after a little more time with these I am still blown away. I would almost consider just replacing my main rig with a set of the floor stander xeo 5. They might just be lacking a little air on top but these little guys are seriously amazing for the price.
Hmmm, I'll see why / how they hooked it up to a dac. Interesting...
Yes, my impression is that all one needs with teh Xeo products is a source, either digital or analog. The wireless transmission is done using a digital signal. That is a good thing, although it sounds like the wireless technology used might be Dynaudio proprietary. That has advantages in terms of being usable out of the box, but an option using wireless LAN similar to a network music server and player would be desirable to make the system more open with less lock in to what might be Dynaudio proprietary technology. Not sure about that. I would need to read some more.
I guess you could use an external dac and then run analog inputs into the wireless transmitter. I suppose you don't "need" an external dac, I've just heard that an external dac does improve the sound quality. This is coming from someone who I feel is fairly knowledgable about this, since he is a dealer of dynaudio.
Double Wow! Santa just brought me a pair of Xeo 3 and an Arcam rDAC. My Ipad was set up and all day listening to tons of free music and very very impressed. This system is in my living room, small, sunny and comfortable living room. My main system (Retail around 70K+, anchored by Verity Audio Parsifal's) is in a dedicated music room, and I love these little speaker and getting music on line. For lack of a better term, COOL!
Davt I don't understand how the R DAC comes into play with the xeos? It seems strange to go analog in to the xeos since they have digital inputs. I just feed mine an optical input from my Apple TV. Or you could go right out of the computer via USB also.