Dyanaudio Audience 50 MKII.....need advise

I'd like to enquire about the positioning the spks. Is the Dtn requires to toe in or straight firing. Maybe those who have the experience can tell me more.
I have mine about three feet form the front wall, three from the side walls, eight feet apart and, around nine feet from my listening chair. They are slightly toed in. I have them on the premium stands............ I had the Special 25's and they ended up in about the same place. One thing though I have a REL sub so, take that into account for integration into your room.

Hope this helps


PS my room is about 13x21x8
I have a pair of 52SE's, which I love, and I have tried them straight and toed in. I find the speakers dissapear much better with a slight toe in. I did audition a pair of Focal Micro Utopia's in the same room and position and they really liked being positioned straight to the listening room. I would try to toe them in a bit.
Thanks very much.

For toe in, does this means the spks is straight firing at you or just slightly (3 to 4 Inches)
Hi5. Set your speakers straight ahead this gives you a wider sound stage and toe in gives you more focus so adjust your speakers toe in at 1/5 of an inch at atime to your liking. Most room sound better with unequal back and side lenght. Try set your speakers at 5-6 feet apart then move them out until without losing the center stage. Hope this help.