DVP 9000ES Mods? Worth the money?

Any owners out there of this unit who have had any mods done to it. I need recommendations on who to get to do the mods and whether they really improved the product that much. Should you still use a DAC after the mods? Any knowledge you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

There are several good mod guys out there, as I'm sure others will point out, but the one I'm most familiar with is Ric Schultz at Electronic Visionary Systems(www.tweakaudio.com). If you read the info on his site you'll see a pretty convincing argument why, all else being equal, a one-box player is superior to using an outboard DAC(in fact he recently stopped producing his incredible Millennium DAC, which I use, to focus on modding DVD/SACD players). Ric also gives a nice overview of the different level of mods he does. One thing Ric does that I'm not sure many others do is to take all op amps out of the output stage and replace them with a discrete mosfet setup. Suffice it to say he does a lot more than simply swap individual parts, but you might also incur a bit of a wait to get your player modified--likely worth the wait though. Best of luck.

Today, I received my DVP9000 ES back from Stan Warren
at SuperMods. He warned me that it might sound a bit
harsh until it breaks in, but so far, the sound is
great! He told me everything he did, including the
whole "cryno" deep freeze treatment, but I can't remember
all the details. If it only gets better from here, I'll
be very pleased! Stan can be reached by phone only at
(541) 344-3696. I think my $250 was well spent!
I got my 9000ES modified by Stan Warren also, it is better than the SCD-777ES clearly and I sold my 777ES later. Stan is a very nice gentleman to deal with, highly recommended.
How does the Stan Warren mon compare to the one made by modwright? Do Stan Warren have any homepage?
Does any of the mods resolve the chroma bug issue?
Does any of this help the video look better?
absolutely mod the player it has a lot of potential !! I highly recommend the Modwright mods and the Bybee filters
I had Richard Kern (www.audiomod.com) mod my Sony 333ES cdp and I am very happy with the results. Modding a 9000 will improve SACD playback but you may "hear more" from the redbook side of things. I feel that quality of redbook presentation has gone up significantly - proportionately more than SACD in my system. Given that, I have no desire to add in a DAC. Aren't the mods by anyone supposed to negate the need for an extra DAC or whats the point of modding. Unless of course its a transport only mod...
the mod won't effect the video playback.
Stan Warren also modified my 9000es. Highly recommended