Dvorak 9th Symphony

Folks that are interested in a good recording of Dvorjak's Symphony 9, may want to look at the Czech P.O. with Neumann conducting.
Do you have a label name or number? Where did you purchase?
I love this version (along with George Szell's.) I own the the lazer disc of the Vaclav Neuman version.The disc is one of those analog LD's. Also on lazer/also analog/ The Slovak Dances by Antonin,and conducted by Zdenek Kosler is just as involving. Wish that these would come out on DVD. Except for the Szell coming close,nobody does these two favorites of mine better.
Thanks for the recommendation, Tweeker! Avguy: check out Fricsay conducting the Berliner (DG), also K Ancerl conducting the Tcheque Phil. (Supraphon). Cheers
Greg is the man, as usual, in things classical, I love the Fricsay, but Reiner with the Chicago SO (not one of the better shaded dogs though) is not to be despised either. Cheers,
Is this the sympony called "The New World"???
RWD: Yes, Dvorak's 9th is commonly known as the "New World Symphony", because it was written after Dvorak resided in the U.S. for a period of time. The melodies in the symphony are said to have been inspired by American folk musics.
You give me more than I deserve, Detlof; thank you. Fact is, I've had good guidance (from people like Detlof)! Must check out that Reiner...
Scott.....what is his 8th called??? Anyone??
The 8th Symphony is called the 8th Symphony, unless you want to call it Opus 88. I have been happy with the Solti/Chicago 9th.
I've always enjoyed Chesky's reissue of Horenstein, but also want a reference for a great MODERN, quiet yet ultradynamic recording? Again...favorites in the latter camp?
OOPS! I just got my monthly Classical List from Scott Campbell and in it under Columbia was "Dvorak, New World Symphony (#5). I believe the 5th and 9th may be the same. Can I be right?????
Yes, in a way, Rick. Dvorak's first symphonies were apparently not published for a while, so his 9th was thought to be his 5th up through the 50s, I believe. I have an old Decca recording calling it the 5th as well.
Rc, KEEP that Decca. it's a rarity. Clink!
From the selections i've heard so far, seems Neumann with his very well tuned Czech P.O. recorded a beautiful 9th. Then again its the Czech P.O. conducted by Vaclav Talich on the Supraphon label 1993 which takes a very nice tempo, and the orchestra delivers with feeling and intergration. Another recording very close to the Talich is the Karel Ancerl recording with once again the Czech P.O. Kubelick with the Chicago was an enjoyable recording. I liked this one over his Berlin recording. I wish i had an opportunity to hear how the great Barbarolli with the Halle takes the 9th.
Having just heard this one today at a friends, I will add the 1959 Bruno Walter recording, recently remastered by Sony Classical, to the recommendations above. The music has a natural, unforced flow and beauty that lets the folk tunes come through. Never thought I'd recommend a Columbia, either!
With further listening, the definitive for me is Vaclav Talich/Czech P.O. Supraphon 1899. Vaclav as well takes top prize in the Dvorak's beautiful Slavonic Dances, Supraphon 1897. Very diciplined orchestra with great emotion. Now its true if you A/B the Neumann and Talich I may have a very hard time telling. Have not heard his rendition of Smetana's Ma Vlast, but i'm sure its the one to get. Sonically its not the best, but i always go for performance vs sonics.