My girlfriend gave me a new Samsung HD-930 DVD Player for Xmas & I am getting ready to buy a new Infocus X-1 projector for my birthday.I really want to use the High Definition DVI output on the dvd player but the X-1 projector only has VGA input which is HD compatable.My question is this- If I use a DVI to VGA adapter that is easilly available at any computer store will I lose any of the upscaled resolution from the DVD players DVI output?I appreciate any awnsers in this matter.Thank you.
hello don't think that will work but check the AVS forum site they are the video experts
VGA is analog so, you will lose some resolution.
I think that your mistake is with the projector. DVI is the latest and I would not buy a projector with out one. I have a really wonderful HD projector that can read any analog feed and adjust the picture accordingly.

It does not have a DVI input so I am going to have to use external processors. This is not all that bad as there are plenty of options out there. Finally, your DVD player already has an excellant processor so you might not need to use the DVI output in the first place.

Still, if I was buying a projector today, the existance of DVI input and the quality of its internal processor would be a major issue.