DVI to component input adapters ?

if I purchased a DVD player which upconverts to 1080i via it's DVI output only is there some adapter available which can let me get the 1080i into my component input only rptv?
not for less than that dvd player probably cost - and besides, do you want to use the scaler in the player or the native one in the tv? unless you got a really high-end player, it's a downhill battle...

btw - there are 3 kinds of DVI, a fully digital only one, an analog one (it's basically component video w/ different pins on one cable) and one that encompasses both - but I'll bet the one coming out of that player is indeed DVI-D aka digital, so that's a moot point.
thanks for the clarification. Guess I will be looking for one of the few units that have 1080i output via component output then. Any suggestions on which players would be recommended?
not off the top of my head... again why not just use 480p as thats' DVD's native resolution, and let the TV scale it as needed?