DVI Splotchy

I have an LG 50" plasma with HDMI and bought a Denon 1910 with DVI. I have a DVI to HDMI cable and the picture is splotchy. Any thoughts? I've used two different players with the same picture results. The blacks are very splottchy?

hi. i replaced both an hdmi to hdmi and hdmi to dvi connector, both were faulty and gave me poor picture quality. it could be as simple as a bad cable. the new digital cables seem to have issues that our standard analog IC's never had.
Someone said it might be "macro blocking" Is this possible?
Bag the DVI HDMI connection and use a quality set of Component Cables. It will at Least work, and Probably look as good if not better. DVI / HDMI is a very painful and most of the times not worth while adventure. I own a custom shop and we recently went back to component again because it always works and looks great.
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