dvi cables and price vs performance

I am getting my first dvi component. It be the Voom stb. I see prices all over the map for the 5mt. length I need. e.g. 49 to 275. Does anybody have any input on how much I should spend;and maybe a site to purchace ?? Thanks,George
I just bought a 3 meter length DVI cable from Cobaltcable and am extremely happy with the result. I paid $90 shipped. Right now they offer free shipping and 10% off. Email me and I'll give you the coupon code for 10% off if you couldn't get one.

I bought my DVI-HDMI cable from these folks:


I found the site via post on AVSforum. Anyway, it seems to be of good quality and works well. Here is a direct link to a 5M DVI-DVI cable:


Oh, its only $28!!!!!


Yes!!---Thanks for the directions guys. Cobalt is out of stock on my 5mt. size. So I went to pccable site. They have two qualities The 400 and the 800 series. This has been a quick tutorial. Before yesterday I didn't even know what the ends looked like.---Now I are a expert--sure.Thanks again guys and happy new year.
I recently got my DV-50 back from the 's' upgrade and bought 3 DVI cable, one from Blue jean Cable, one from better cables and an Ultralink. FWIW all of them have the same connectors, though the ones from better cables aren't gold plated, BlueJeans cable looks exactly like the Ultralink except for color, and was $43 for a 2m length. FWIW I haven't gotten around to burning them all in and comparing them yet. I'm still amazed at how good the picture is from the player since it came back, I guess I just left it alone.
I use a 5 meter Tributaries Cable that cost me $125. The only other type my shop carries is Transparent, and you don't want to know the price of their 5m.
In any case it works great, and I have faith in my shop that if it wasn't good they wouldn't carry it. I wouldn't spend more.
Jee,I never thought about burnin---To bad my PAD System Enhancer disc is audio-only.---I have the XLO one as well. Using whatever cable you end up with;--Your dv-50 should be a good test instrument. Toss back any impressions / one vs. the other. I did post this at avs and got one reply. The poster says 5mts. is about as long a cable / before getting sparkles on the screen. Not that I would know----yet.
I just got my Voom install today. I'm set up with a powered splitter. This unit allows the picture on my projector / or the picture on my rptv at the same time. I doubt I loose any pq this way.----The nice thing is this dvi thing is competing with $250 worth of Wireworld cables at 1/3 the price.--(That price is per-run to ea. display)--including the pow. splitter.--Not bad, love when hookup is this good / for this price.---Voom impressions on another thread.