DVDP for 2 channel?

I am using the system classe (151- integrated amp), Arcam 7 SE CDP, Thiel 2.3 for listening only classcical music, without any problem. A few days ago, I received Opera DVD titles with birthday gifts. So, I am considering to buy DVDP.
But, I cannot afford AV REceiver or 5 speakers right now.
What is the avaible DVDP for connecting with my integrateed AmP and TV? (CLASSE Amp has following inputs- REG1, REG2 REG3, BAL1, TAPE IN and Amp IN).
Also, How can I hook between DVDP and tv,or AMP (which part of back panel)?
Also, some DVD titles have DTS.
Should I buy DVDP with DD/DTS built-in decorder?
Please give your good advice and recommendation for DVDP under $500.
Thanks in advance.
check out ebay, you can pick up a new pioneer dv434 for under $200 shipped, these can be found in large dutch auctions which end every couple of days, these sound decent for the money and much better than low end japanese products from a few years ago, you can also have the units modded by Modwright for under $300, there are higher levels of mods available if you choose, this should provide a greater player for about $500, most have two outputs but if not you can run the video to your tv and the audio to your stereo, I think (you will want to ask someone else) you can safely run from your tape outputs into your tv's audio input, hope this helps. mike
Here's the deal...I used to run Thiel 2.3's with Classe CA150 2 channel amp and Audio Research 2 channel preamp, in a 2 channel set-up. And I also used this same set-up for home theater dubties then as well!!! What I found however, simply using the analog outs of the DVD player dirrectly into my "preamp", was that the sound was VERY WEEK comparatively! I then added a surround processor to my set-up, and ran the digital connection off the dvd player (thus processing the DD/DTS in the pre/pro instead of in the DVD player) to by external pre/pro. The sound was WAY better!...much much more dynamic and lifelike!
It appears that the digital processors in these DVD players is not so good on their own! You'd be much much better off getting an inexpesive DVD player and little affordable reciever (using from the pre-out only) or Pre/pro (used Sony SDPEP9ES or SDP800ES are only a couple hundred bucks on the used market!...and Acurus Act 3's are only $700 for basic), and running that way!
If you try to go out of your DVD players analog outs, dirrectly into your Classe integrated (good match by the way with your Thiels for the money!!), your simply going to get weak sounding Surround sound playback!!! It just sounds way way better if you do surround sound with a dedicated digital surround decoder of some sort...the better quailty the better! In your case, I'd not spend too much. I BELIEVE(?) you could get away with using one of your "inputs" on your integrated from your pre/pro's (proposed) outputs...? You'd have to check or try it actually though. Good luck!
Thanks a lot for your kind advice, Mike.
I will check it out.