DVD versus Analog - the bass went somewhere

I was using a very cheap model of Pioneer DVD player for my classics CDs and at last installed my TT today. What I noticed right away that the bass greatly lessened. It didn't go away completely but very noticeable. On the CDs every bass or even viola sound was quite remarkable, on the record you could hear that but comparing to the CDs "version" you have to listen carefully.
I am wondering if this behavior is generally "expected", I may think that the CD being in a digital format (or the DVD player for that matter) may put accents on bass versus on the analog where you hear "what is there" so speak. Or may be it is the cartridge that I should change, I am using Grado The Reference (not Reference1), it is new one out of old stock, never played.
I am using the same pre-amp for both (CJ PV-12) with phono-stage.
Thank you