DVD upgrade for 2 Ch music with Parasound C2?

I don't know the inner workings of the DVD or preamp. This is why I am wondering if I need to upgrade my current DVD player (1 year old $150 Panasonic player). I am using the optical cable to send digital signal from the DVD player to the Parasound C2 amp. Therefore, I am really only using the decoder and the audio DAC of the C2, and so I don't think I need a new DVD player like the Denon 3910 or 2910.

I am correct or am I missing something? Would a new DVD player gain me anything since C2 decoder and DAC should be better?

The C2 is a great unit, if you are happy with the video quality of the panasonic then I would spend the cash elsewhere.
I compared several dvd based players analog outs to the c2 and found the Denon 5900 to be inferior to the c2's own dacs.

The only dvd player I had on hand that I preferred to the c2's dacs, was a Modwright signature 9000 es.

If you want a universal that offers better sonics, as well as better video than the Denons for 2k or less, you need to demo an Onkyo sp 1000.

The 3910 could not compete whith this sp 1000 either so its going back to the store.

For a lot more money , you could get a universal that has better sonics than the sp 1000, but none are better for film based dvd veiwing.