DVD Sound Versus CD Sound

I am kind of curious about CD sound versus that from DVDs. Not DVD Audio, but just regular DVD. I always see this sold as "CD quality sound." Which, of course, means nothing.

So can anyone tell me if the specification for the sound for regular DVDs, not DVD Audio, is the same as or better than the specification for CD audio?
DVD sound can be recorded at rates up to 24-bit/96kHz, which is WAY better than CD's 16-bit/44.1kHz rate. A standard DVD can hold tons more information than a standard 650 MB CD. Did you ever notice how great the sound quality is on some movies?

It's so idiotic to me. The reason that all the recording companies don't switch to the better DVD format for all their music releases is because: A) it would cost them money to change the hardware at their pressing facilities; B) they figure people can't hear the difference anyway; C) not enough people are complaining about it: and D) the SACD and DVD-A war is not over as yet (who knows when it will be?).

To top it off, recording companies apparently think they should be paid about the same price for a music CD as a vastly superior DVD, with many new-release DVDs now selling for $19.99 and new music CDs selling for $18 or more. This is so unbalanced that it just makes me want to throw my hands up and SHOUT!!!

Chesky records and some other niche companies have recorded music-only CDs at 24/96 and they sound GREAT compared to CD. I wish recording companies would get with the times and take advantage of the technology that is already in place and available to them. But they won't do it unless a lot of people complain, and so far, I guess that's not happening. That's why it would be great if SACD or DVD-A actually caught on as the medium of choice for music releases.

Meanwhile, it would appear that we're all stuck with being gouged by retailers for new CDs at stupid prices. We're actually buying CD remasters of titles that will probably soon be available on a much higher quality format. I can't believe the buying public tolerates those high prices for CDs, but apparently some people are buying and not complaining.:(
I agree with you completely. I'm just dying waiting for a player which will play DVD, CD, DVD-Audio and SACD. I really wish Sony hadn't turned it into a format war. I really dislke them for that and won't buy their products because of it. I have a Pioneer 525 and I hear a LOT of movie soundtracks which are much better than the two channel I listen to. Much of this is due to the 525's poor performance with two channel music, but still it made me wonder.

Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for!