DVD, SACD or HDCD? Is balanced output important?

I am looking for a new/used CD player. What do you think is the trend in future? Should I go for one with DVD capability, SACD capability or HDCD function? Or should I just go for a good 24 bit CD player?

My preamp and power amp have balanced inputs. Is it justify to spend more money for a CD player with balanced output too?

Any good recommendation for a budget of $2000?

If you do a search hereabouts on SACD or HDCD you will find lots of posts. I have a very high-end redbook Cd player and I have no intention of investing in something else as I have bought certain CDs in vinyl, cassette, and now in Cd and I refuse to buy the same album yet again.

Perhaps in time I will make the jump but not for the time being.

Yes, balanced can be better but you should also be sure that your amp is truly balanced as there are many that have balanced inputs but also use internal cicuitry to convert the signal to unbalanced before amplification.

My McIntosh 2102 is a good example. My Audio Aero Capitole Mark II Cd player has both balanced and unbalanced outputs so I use the balanced outputs for my matching Capitole amp and then I bi-amp from the Cd player to myMcIntosh using the preferred unbalanced outputs.

So, there is no 'better' in regards to balanced, unbalanced or even with SACD and DVD-A; it is just what direction you have been and where you want to go.