DVD -RW, +RW, or RAM?

If I go with a DVDR for a VCR replacement, what are the pros and cons of choosing DVD-RW, +RW, and RMA for my reusable media?
Right now, the DVD-RW can be PLAYED in MOST
regular dvd players ONCE the DISC is Finalized!
There are going to be NEW releases from
Pioneer in June that will let you
AND for reference it`s called RAM, NOT rma!
DVD RAM is a very good RW. I think an RW disk can be recorded on and re-recorded on about 100 times. RAM is good for about 1000 times.
Isellstuff: I got the spelling of RAM correct in the subject line but not in the text. Sorry and thanks for catching that. Alo, thanks for the Pioneer info, June is not too far. How about other brands? Or do you like Pioneer the best?