DVD Recommendations 500.00 new or used

Have a proscan direct 35" television. Acurus ACT3 processor. Looking at Sony DVPs-7700 (available new 500.00 at crutchfield), Pioneer dv-05. Set up is 5.1, no dts.

Any suggestions or recommendations between these two or am I missing a top performer.


Richard Bischoff
About 5 months ago, I bought a Pioneer Elite DV-37 DVD/CD player, which received a 5-star rating by "The Perfect Vision" magazine. I have been extremely pleased with both the video and audio quality of the unit. I bought the unit from Avantgarde Trading Company in Blaine, WA, for $625. I suggest you give the DV-37 serious consideration, although it is a bit above your proposed $500 budget.

The owner of Avantgarde Trading Co. is named Chi, and his business E-mail address is:
I did a comparison between a Sony 7700 and Pioneer DV-09 and the Pioneer was quite a bit better at doulbe the price, I did this home demo of the DV09 that I got from a store because I was trying to sell my unused DV-09 to a friend who ownes the Sony 7700 which is also great by the way. I am asking $800 for mine as my friend has not come up with the cash yet to buy it.
Make sure you get the DTS feature you will kick yourself later if you don't. I can't imagine watching Jurassic Park any other way.

I think that "Sdcampbell" is right when he comments about the Pioneer Elite DV-37. I had mines for three weeks and I couldn't be anymore pleased with it. I am still playing with the various settings right now in order to get the very best that this player has to offer. I don't know if the picture and the sound could get any better still or not, but I will say this, the picture quality that I am getting from my 27-Inch Panasonic CT-27SF37 couldn't be any better than what I was getting before. Could it get better still?? Possibly. But that's going to depend on the final settings that I will eventually reach when I am done setting up and calibrating the Pioneer Elite DV-37. The price I paid for mine was a little more than "SD" paid for his (he paid $625.00 vs. my $700.00). It's a great player, and just like "SD" has also said, it has received a 5-Star rating from "The Perfect Vision" (I have the worn issue to prove it), and if you shop around, you may get it for not that much more than your current budget. The only other alternative I can come up with is the aging Sony DVP-S7700. This was orignially an $1,100.00 player when it debuted in 1998. Believe it or not, you can now get one for around $500.00 from Crutchfield. You may even get one EVEN cheaper if you shop around on the "net".

Good Luck.....

There are a host of new DVD-A players to be released soon, many at <$500. I'd wait a bit.
I have owned about 8 or 9 different DVD players,(I'm losing count) including the Sony-7700, and the Pioneer DV-37. If you offered me the choice between the two at the same price, I would take the Pioneer. The audio section is way smoother, video is equal or slightly better, and with the easy to use adjustments, definetely better. The only thing I missed was Sony's remote. Good luck.
My DV-05 looks pretty good to me. Not progressive scan, I don't think, but then my TV has a built in doubler.